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Macomb County Bar Association Awards

Extraordinary Service Award

The Extraordinary Service Award is awarded to the most involved member during the year. The Board only chooses a winner in this category when a member stands out to us as deserving of this honor.

2017-2018 Randall Chioini

2015-2016 Maryanne Deneweth
2015-2016 Hon. Carl Marlinga
2014-2015  Burgess, Sharp and Golden PLLC

2013-2014  Renee Tegel
2010-2011 William A. Moore
1999-2000 William A. Moore
1998-1999 Hon. Walter P. Cynar
1996-1997 Philip F. Greco, Sr.
1994-1995 Henry E. Sarnacki
1993-1994 Keith R. Beasley
1992-1993 Kimberly M. Cahill


Distinguished Public Service Award

The Board only chooses a winner in this category when a member stands out to us as deserving of this honor.

2018-2019  Hon. Donald Miller
2018-2019  Hon. Mark Switalski
2017-2018  Hon. Linda Davis

2015-2016 Lynn Davidson

Pro Bono Awards

In recognition of the unmet legal needs of low-income and senior residents of Macomb County, and in support and honor of those attorneys performing pro bono services in Macomb County, the MCBA has established Annual Pro Bono Service Awards.


Pro Bono:
2014-2015 Nicole Smithson

For Seniors:

2012-2013 Clark Andrews
2011-2012 Fredrick Schienke
2010-2011 Thomas J. Tomko
2009-2010 Ronald Greve
2008-2009 Martin Brosnan
2007-2008 Paul Gigliotti
2006-2007 Thomas Rombach
2005-2006 Charles M. Merlo
2004-2005 Kimberly M. Cahill
2003-2004 Mary Ann Osterbeck
2002-2003 Paul T. Garvey
2001-2002 Melissa King
2000-2001 Richard L. Wagner, Jr.
1999-2000 Stuart S. Johnson
1998-1999 Calvin C. Rock
1997-1998 John L. Belanger
1996-1997 Charles M. Merlo
1995-1996 John Kraus Jr.

For Low Income:
2018-2019  Syeda Davidson

2017-2018  Maroun Hakim
2016-2017 Dolora A. Paul

2015-2016 Hon. James Biernat Jr.
2014-2015 Bryan Sunisloe
2013-2014 Kathy Vogt
2012-2013 Mark Haddad

2011-2012 Craig Feringa
2010-2011 Lori Smith, Kathleen M. Quayhackx and Thomas A. Stotz
2008-2009 Ronald Goldstein
2007-2008 Kathryn Viviano
2006-2007 R. Timothy Kohler
2005-2006 Karen M. Trickey & Paul S. Kowal
2004-2005 Barbara L. Yockey
2002-2003 William R. Knight, Jr.
2001-2002 Michael J. Goecke
2000-2001 Deborah F. O’Brien
1999-2000 John L. Kanaras and Douglas A. Tull
1998-1999 Marilyn A. Knak
1997-1998 Max D. McCullough
1996-1997 Karen Russell
1995-1996 John Chmura

Kimberly M. Cahill Civility Award

The Kimberly M. Cahill Civility Award is given to the member who has brought respect to himself or herself and the legal profession through both dialogue and conduct by cultivating considerate, professional conduct with opposing counsel, especially in the presence of clients; encouraging clients to adopt meritorious positions and avoiding inflammatory and retaliatory tactics and behavior; welcoming  and encouraging attorneys of all races, ethnicity and genders; assisting and mentoring new and inexperienced attorneys; avoiding disparaging comment and criticism of the bench and bar, and commending the profession's members when appropriate.

2018-2019  Carl Chioini
2017-2018  Julie Gatti

2016-2017 Edward Greenup

2015-2016 Rex Burgess
2014-2015 Dana M. Warnez

2013-2014 Sherriee Detzler

2012-2013 Deborah O'Brien
2011-2012 Stephen Rabaut and James Brennan
2010-2011 Robert R. Gray
2009-2010 David Elias
2008-2009 Charles Trickey III
2007-2008 Lori Finazzo
2006-2007 Ron Kranz
2005-2006 John R. Mullett
2004-2005 Ronald A. Goldstein
2002-2003 Daniel P. Makarski
2001-2002 William M. Ellenstein
2000-2001 Charles R. Towner, Sr.
1999-2000 William C. Butler
1998-1999 John F. Potvin
1997-1998 Philip J. Anderson
1996-1997 Kimberly M. Cahill
1995-1996 Emil E. Cardamone

Special Service Awards

The Special Service Award is given to those individuals who initiated and/or completed special projects for the MCBA during the year.

2018-2019  Michael Gibbs
2015-2016 Colleen Orr

2014-2015 Brian Wassom

2013-2014 Richard Hurford

2011-2012 Christine Piakowski
2010-2011 Anthony Urbani II
2006-2007 Lawrence Katz
2005-2006 Rex Burgess
2004-2005 Hon. Kenneth N. Sanborn, Hon. George Steeh II, Kenneth F. Martin and Hon. John Bruff
2004-2005 Hon. Dawnn Gruenburg, Donald P. DeNault Jr., and Dana M. Warnez
2003-2004 Mel Miller
2002-2003 Mark A. Pellecchia
2001-2002 John B. DeMoss John R. MacDonald
2000-2001 Charles E. Langton
1999-2000 Jacob M. Femminineo, Jr. and Robert S. McKenzie
1998-1999 Robert J. Hribar
1997-1998 YLS Board of Directors: John D. Gwyn, Robert L. Goldenbogen, Gretchen A. Schlaff, John J. Kennedy, John J. Puzzuoli, John M. Beeding, Jr., Jacob M. Femminineo, Jr., Annette Gattari-Ross, Dena P. Keller and Carrie Fuca
1996-1997 Anthony J. Bellanca and William A. Moore
1995-1996 Robert J. Hribar, Ellen C. Wallaert, John VanOphem and Ian B. Lyngklip

 Medal of Achievement and Courage

The Medal of Achievement and Courage is given out from time to time only when The Board of Directors , decides a candidate's achievement in a challenging situation is an undeniably significant example of the noble practice of law. In selecting recipients, the Board considers Macomb County lawyers who have achieved great success for their clients and who have demonstrated courage in the face of adversity to represent the rights of the opposed, disadvantaged or destitute. Such acts represent the spirit of the Constitution of the United States of America and honor the highest principles of the practice of law. Because of this stringent standard, the award is the highest expression of esteem the Board can confer on an individual.

2005-2006  Hon. Kenneth N. Sanborn. 
Hon. Kenneth Sanborn's victorous defense of Mr. Radulovich against the United States Air Force set the spark to the flame that fueled the fall of McCarthyism.


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