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Membership Meeting Notes

June 18, 2020 - Membership Meeting with Hon. Julie Gatti & Hon. James Maceroni

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June 18, 2020 Family Law Committee Meeting

Wayne FOC attorney line email is and the phone number is 313-224-5295. You must have an appearance on file or the FOC attorney access forms.

Power Point Presentation - How to File in Wayne County

May 21, 2020 Meeting - Special Guests Magistrate Ryan Zemke and Court Admin Jim McGrail

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May 14, 2020 Family Law Committee Meeting - Special Guest Sheila Miller, Macomb County Clerks Office

May 7 - Family Law Committee Meeting - Special Guest Hon. Tracey Yokich

Family Law Tips of the Day
From Hon. Tracey Yokich
Unless you are the attorney of record - staff will not know who you are representing and admit you into the virtual courtroom.
So formal appearances and substitutions become even more important. The fact that an attorney appeared at a prior hearing - the staff person who is monitoring the waiting room - would never know. Phone calls prior to or the day of hearing are really cumbersome and slow down the admission of all parties to the virtual courtroom. If your name is not on our docket that day - staff has no idea you may have filed a pleading in the past and is now appearing on someone's behalf and don't have the time nor are they paid to comb the pleadings to try and identify the parties.
The best way to check ahead of time to see whether the Clerks office has added your name to Courtview so that it appears on our docket the day of your hearing - is to check Courtview.
If you are still unsure - call the main number at the Clerk's office or the Judge's staff. But please, please, please do this before the day of your hearing. Also, these types of calls will generally be met more cheerfully in the afternoon then in the morning when the judicial court clerk and secretary are attempting to move parties into the virtual courtroom for hearings that are scheduled.
Finally, if you are representing parties on a DO case, put a settlement on the record, and are asked to submit a judgment - do it by efiling not by emailing it to the individual judges' email account. If you email it directly to us we are forced to print it out, sign it, and then rescan it into the efile system. In addition, it will not be a priority for staff as it is not essential for an upcoming hearing.
If you submit your judgment through the efile system it is forwarded to the judges que for review and signing and returned to the Clerk's que for final processing.
Basically, you cause us a great deal more work. If you are unsure - please give us a quick call. (As you can imagine our paper use and cost has skyrocketed as we are doing all the copying of the documents you usually bring to Court with you on the date of your hearing.)
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