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Coronavirus Response

Macomb County Court District Court Responses to COVID 19

37th District Court

Per the Order of the Supreme Court and Chief Judge John Chmura of the 37th District Court, the following provides the 37th District Court’s response to COVID-19:

The 37th District Court  (D37) treats this issue very seriously and will continue to monitor the situation.   Court officials will seek the advice of public health officials as necessary.

Court Hours—WARREN DIVISION---CLOSED to the public except for essential functions as described below until further notice. Telephone calls are being accepted between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

CENTER LINE DIVISION—CLOSED for all functions, except telephone calls will be accepted between 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Payment options: Go to the Payment Options Link for payment.
If immediate assistance is needed for either division after 12:30 p.m. please use the following email address:

Effective until further order of the court, the 37th District Court-WARREN DIVISION is closed except for essential functions. To the extent possible, the court will conduct hearings for essential functions remotely using two-way interactive video technology or other remote participation tools.  Essential functions include:

  • Court proceedings for in-custody defendants such as:  arraignments; probable cause conferences; preliminary examinations; pleas; sentencings; and bond motions.
  • Processing of criminal extradition matters for in custody defendants.
  • Forensic examination matters.
  • Review and determination of requests for search warrants.
  • Review and issuance of search warrants for crimes that present a danger for public safety.

Civil Matters:
All civil matters are adjourned.  The court will not accept filings in person—only by mail or electronic filing.  All matters must be conducted remotely using two-way interactive video technology, or other remote participation tools.

Traffic Matters:
All civil infractions, including trials, are adjourned.  All matters must be conducted remotely using two-way interactive video technology or other remote participation tools. Payment will not be accepted in person, but can be processed through online or pay by phone options.  Go to the Payment Options Link for payment.

Jurors scheduled to appear through April 13, 2020 are excused and do not have to appear.  Contact the Jury Clerk for any questions.

Weddings will be suspended until further notice.

Court Security:
Individuals will be screened by court security to determine whether the visit is permitted by court order.

38th District Court

As a result of the Governor declaring a State of Emergency in Michigan regarding COVID-19 outbreak, 38th District Court has implemented the recommendations recently disseminated to trial courts from the Chief Judge of the Michigan Supreme Court, as follows:

We appreciate your efforts to inform the community about the status of our operations.  This is a constantly evolving issue that we are doing our best to get ahead of. The most important thing that we can do as we move forward is to be as flexible as possible.   The following listed below will take effect immediately:

• All small claims hearings for March and April will be rescheduled to May and June
• All general civil and landlord tenant will be rescheduled to May and June
• All CIs currently scheduled will be rescheduled and any new requests will be scheduled 60 days out
• Judge will be rescheduling from his dockets anything that can be reasonably postponed for the next 30 days
• Probation has already adopted a mail-in reporting model and will attempt to do any meetings by phone if possible
• Felony cases will proceed as normal until we receive information from SCAO that allows us to relax the time guidelines for PCC/PE
• Jury selection and all jury trials will be rescheduled
• All court users should be referred to our website- for information and updates as well as online resources in which to resolve their case on line.

We understand that this is a unique and unprecedented situation and we will do all that we can to ensure the safety of our 38th District Court family and all who come to the court.  That being said, please do not come to the court if:

You are sick
Have been exposed to someone who has been sick
Have a compromised immune system
Have travelled internationally within the last 14 days

If you do need to come to court, please make sure that you are utilizing best practices of hand washing and sanitizing and practicing social distancing with those you may come into contact with.

40th District Court
Pursuant to the Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-2, The 40th district court will be locking its doors to the public, effective immediately.

All court matters will be adjourned,with exception to in-custody matters.  if you are an essential party to a case involving an in-custody individual, please contact the court to arrange  entry.

Payments on cases are being accepted online and via the court drop box only (the drop box is located near the front door of the courthouse).  You may also mail a money order.

Reporting probation appointments will be conducted by telephone reporting at the probationer’s scheduled reporting time.  This is subject to change each day.   Please continue to monitor this website for up-to-date information.

PO KEELAN - #(586) 445-5285  EMAIL
PO SCAGLIONE - #(586) 445-5294  EMAIL


41A Sterling Heights
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the 41-A District Court is joining efforts with our national, state, and local governments to protect our community, including those who work in our courthouse and the members of the public who enter our courthouse. Consistent with the directives and recommendations of the Governor, the Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, and the City of Sterling Heights, our Court has implemented the following changes to our operations, immediately:

  • The Court will be closed Monday, March 16th to Monday, April 13th, 2020.
  • Non-emergency matters will be rescheduled or adjourned by the Court with notice provided to all parties at their last known address.
  • Parties needing to contact the Court concerning an emergency civil or criminal matter during this time of closure are directed to call (586) 446-2501.

41A District Court Shelby Township

41B District Court

Pursuant to Michigan Supreme Court Order AO 2020-02, 41B District Court is closed to the general public except for essential functions relating to health and safety, while safeguarding rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

41B will only conduct criminal hearings for in custody defendants.  Theses hearings will be conducted on Monday and Wednesday mornings utilizing two-way interactive video technology to allow the defendants to appear from the jail.  All other criminal matters shall be adjourned.

41B will only conduct telephone pre trials for General Civil matters.  All other Civil matters, including Small Claims and Landlord Tenant, are being adjourned.

41B is adjourning all civil infraction traffic matters.

41B will conduct emergency motions in the discretion of the court.

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