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Criminal CLE Video Replays

The Macomb Bar / CDAM Partnership provides Macomb County Appointed Attorneys UNLIMITED MIDC approved CLE for FREE.  Macomb County assigned counsel may now complete their required 12 annual hours of required of CLE online and, effective October 1, 2020, Macomb  assigned counsel may take an unlimited number of our webinars and video replays.  See the titles below for REGISTRATION CODES.

Registration is necessary. To register, visit, choose your training and during the registration process be sure to check Macomb Bar for the REGISTRATION CODE.

If you have any questions contact Kelly Bennett at or


1 Hour Replay – *newest to oldest

Building A Successful Practice - CODE: MLSC64A

Improving Legal Protections for the Accused Using Michigan's Constitution - CODE: MLSC59A

Defending Heathcare Professional Licenses - CODE: MLSC57A

Probation Violations: "The ABCs of PVs" - CODE: MLSC55A

Entrapment in CSC Cases - CODE: MLSC56A

The Switch to Hourly Billing - Macomb County Indigent Defense System - CODE: HOURLYMCBA

Rule 21: Law Practice Succession Planning & the Interim Administrator Program - CODE: FREEPLANNING

Defending PPOs – CODE: MLSC54A

Introduction to Intoxilyzer 9000 – CODE: MLSC53A

Legal Writing for Trial Lawyers – CODE: MLSC51

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt and Case – CODE: MLSC47

You Are Sleeping on the Specialty Courts – CODE: MLSC48

I Stopped Trying and Started Winning – CODE: MLSC46

PowerPoint for Attorneys - CODE: MLSC44

Weapons Offenses and Bruen: How the 2nd Amendment Impacts Criminal CasesCODE: MLSC42

Are You In Custody? Invalid Stops and Other 4th Amendment Delights – CODE: MLSC38

Prepping Clients for Prison – CODE: MLSC34

Show and Tell: Demonstrative Aids Throughout Trial – CODE: MLSC33

Appealing Bail Decisions – CODE: MLSC32

Deferrals, Delays, and Dismissals – CODE: MLSC31

Important Legislative Updates from Arrest to Sentencing – CODE: MLSC30

Courtroom Etiquette: In Person and Zoom Appearances – CODE: MLSC28

Pre-Charge Representation: Contact-Relationship Negotiation – CODE: MLSC27

Pretrial Motions for the Novice – CODE: MACOMB18

MIDC Standards: Compliance and Client-Centered Best Practices – CODE: MIDCSTANDARDS


2-Hour Video Replays – *newest to oldest

Investigators and Experts: Discovering Access to Help Your Case – CODE: MLSC49

Making the MSP Your Expert Witness – CODE: MLSC37

The Ins and Outs of Bruising and Basics of Medical Terminology – CODE: MLSC36

Around the World of Evidence in 120 Minutes – CODE: MCBA/STCLAIR20C

A Study in Firearms and Ballistics – CODE: MCBA/STCLAIR24

4+ Hour Video Replays:

2024 CDAM Spring Conference [Friday] (8.0 Credits) – CODE: MLSC58A

2024 CDAM Spring Conference [Saturday] (4.0 Credits) – CODE: MLSC58B

2023 CDAM Fall Conference [Saturday] (4.0 Credits) – CODE: MLSC45B

2023 CDAM Fall Conference [Friday] (8.0 Credits) – CODE: MLSC45A

2023 CDAM Summer Conference [Friday] (8.5 Credits) – CODE: MLSC44A

2023 CDAM Spring Conference [Friday] (8.0 Credits) – CODE: MLSC41A

2022 CDAM Summer Conference [Friday] (8.0 Credits) – CODE: MLSC25A

2022 CDAM Spring Conference [Friday] (8.0 Credits) – CODE: MLSC24A

2021 CDAM Fall Conference [Friday] (8.0 Credits) – CODE: MACOMB23A

2021 CDAM Spring Conference [Friday] (9.0 Credits) – CODE: MACOMB17A

2021 CDAM Summer Conference [Friday] (8.5 Credits)CODE: MACOMB20A


Register at to create a free CE Broker account.  As your credits are uploaded you will be able to see your current compliance status in real time when you are logged into your account.

Upload your proofs of completion to your account.  Some providers will do this automatically but if you do not see that you received credit within 1-2 weeks of the event you can upload proof on your own so that your account is properly credited.  MIDC will add your credits if you have providers email notices of completion to but it is your responsibility to make sure that your account is accurate and current as of December 31st of each year.  Please retain copies of your proof of completion for your records in case issues arise.

If you are unable to create an account, you need to be added to the MIDC list by the body that you provide indigent defense through (i.e. public defender's office or MAAC) as they submit lists quarterly to MIDC and then CE Broker adds to their roster once those lists are updated.  While you are waiting to be added just save your certificates of completion and you can load them all at once when your account has been created.

Note that there are paid options for CE Broker but those are not required for you to track your hours.  You are free to sign up for those options at your own discretion but the free account is all that you need and no credit card information is required.


All Macomb Bar / CDAM trainings are Michigan Indigent Defense (MIDC) approved.

Attorneys with less than two years experience are required to complete 16 hours of SKILLS training and 12 ANNUAL hours to be eligible for appointments.

Attorneys with more than two years experience are required to complete a minimum of 12 ANNUAL hours.

CLE hours are recorded annually, January 1 through December 31.
CLE hours cannot be banked or carried over to the next calendar year.
All attorneys begin at 0 hours on January 1.

It is advised to confirm that trainings are MIDC approved before taking the training if it is not one of the trainings listed above.

Skills Training via Zoom
Skills Training sessions are divided into multiple Zoom days so registrants must be committed to attending each day. No single day registrations will be allowed and no refunds if an attorney registers but does not attend both days. This hands- on training will not be videotaped for post-training purchase/viewing. Only sixteen (16) attorneys are allowed in each training. If a training is full, please encourage your attorneys to sign up for the waitlist. Oftentimes there are last minute cancellations.

If you have participated in a seminar in the past, either in person or by video, that particular seminar will not count towards the required 12 annual hours. In other words, no repeats.

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