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Expundgement is a court order allowing the destruction or sealing of records of minors or adults, after the passage of a specified period of time or when the person reaches a specified age and has not committed another offense. To intentionally destroy, obliterate or strike out records or information in files, computers and other depositories. For example, state law may allow the criminal records of a juvenile offender to be expunged Every State in the union has statutory law that rules how and what records may be modified, amended, changed, expunged, sealed or otherwise corrected. Before anyone proceeds they should review the existing law for the state for which records relief is sought. Some states have no laws dealing directly with the issue of records expungement, sealing or amendment. In such cases where there are no such laws it will often prove to be easier to obtain records relief. There is always relief to be found in the courts. If you have been rehabilitated you have a RIGHT to be free from the lifetime disability of a legal record.when he/she reaches the age of majority, to allow him to begin his/her adult life with a clean record.This loss of the ability to secure a job is considered by the majority of persons the most the important of them all. This is especially true for former youthful offenders that now have a criminal record, especially in minority and disadvantaged communities. At times, these youthful offenders had no or limited legal representation resulting in a conviction that a well paid attorney could easily and simply have had dismissed prior to any trial through pre-trail intervention or disposed of for lack of substantial evidence.

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