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Auto No-Fault

No-Fault Benefits, Including:
Lifetime Medical (including mileage reimbursement to//from medical facilities that may be in excess over your primary health insurance.

85% Gross Lost Wages (not taxable) with three years of automobile accident with doctor's disability certificate.

$20/day reimbursement for household help (such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, maintenance, child care, etc.) within three years of automobile accident with doctor's disability certificate.

File No-Fault Application with and get Claim Number from your No-Fault Insurance Carrier.
Turn over proof of the above-covered expenses to No-Fault Insurer monthly.
Any cover expenses must be collected or sued for within one year of the date incurred or same will be barred.

Pain and Suffering Damages are Limited Only to Injuries as Follows:
Death, permanent serious disfigurement, such as scarring, loss of limb, etc, and/or serious impairment of body function, which is: An injury to an important body part (such as a joint, nerve, bone, closed head injury, etc. which is deomonstrated by an objective medical test (one that the patient cannot control) such as an MRI, CAT Scan, EMG, Bone Scan, Arthogram, etc., and impairs the ability to live the normal pre-accident life of the patient (such as the inability to work, participate with children, do household chores, participate in sporting activiites, etc.) Damages paid by fault owners and/or drivers through their insurer (if unidentifiable and/or uninsured or underinsured then through uninsured and/or underinsured coverage availble under your No-Fault Policy or any other automobile policy under which you are insured.) Lawsuit must be filed within three years (maybe shorter if uninsued or underinsured coverage is applicable.)

Property Damage/Mini Tort - $500.00 only against Fault Owners and Drivers.

If property damage deductible is not waived by your automobile collisioin carrier, or you do not recieve your deductible from the fault owner's and/or driver's automobile insurer, you may make a claim for up to only $500.00 in small claim court against the fault owners and/or drivers.

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