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Committees: Family Law

Family Law Committee

Co-Chair - Dawn Prokopec
Co-Chair - Deborah O'Brien

This Committee concerns itself with the practice of family law, the improvement of the family law and friend of the court systems and the professional development of the family attorneys in Macomb County.


Special Messages from the Chair:


As promised, below are the links to the new Uniform Child Support Order, as well as the Addendum for any deviations, that must be used effective January 1, 2015:





Attention family law committee members:

For those of you who did not know, the 16th Circuit Reasonable Parenting Time Schedule has been modified.  Click here for a  copy of the modified schedule.  For the most part, the schedule largely stays the same.  However, there are three changes that will resolve some issues that we have likely addressed with our clients.  First, the modified scheduled clarifies that if a child has an Easter and Spring Break (two separate breaks), the parent with such parenting time that year will get both breaks.  Second, the modified schedule provides that in the event a party fails to pick his/her summer weeks by May 1st, he/she does not forfeit summer weeks.  Rather, the party who fails to select his/her weeks on time could lose priority in selection.  Finally, the modified schedule now states that the non-custodial parent shall provide all transportation unless ordered otherwise.  

Also, Judge Kathryn Viviano is no longer on the family court bench.  Her family docket has been assigned to Judge Mark Switalski.  You may not receive any notice, so make sure to revise your files accordingly.  

Finally, the Bench Bar Conference is scheduled for April 23, 2015.  If there are any topics or specific questions that you would like to discuss or that you think would be useful for family practitioners, please send me your topic/questions ideas.  

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