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Committees: ADR

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Committee Chair - Richard Hurford

The ADR Committee provides members of the Macomb County Bar Association and the residents of Macomb County with creative leadership in the dispute resolution field.  The Committee fosters diversity in the profession; develops and offers educational programs; promotes access to dispute resolution alternatives; monitors legislative and judicial activity; and provides policy guidance, information, and technical assistance on ethical issues, dispute resolution techniques, and training.

Neutrals Application.docx

Taxonomy of ADR - Revised 4/2015

1 ADR Taxonomy for the Courts.docx

2 Example ADR MethodologyDecisional Chart.docx

3 TAXONOMY ADR GRID as revised effective July 23 2013.docx

App1 Arbitration Agreement genericlitigated case.docx

App2 Checklist for Summary Jury Trial.docx

App3 Collaborative_Divorce_Participation_Agreement.docx

App4 Draft Order Appointing a Special Master.docx

App5 ADR MethodologyDecisional Chart_ADR Taxonomy Exhibit.docx

App6 Fast Track Jury Trial.pdf

App7 LAO SBD signed_Taxonomy Exhibit No 1.txt

App8 med-arb_mediation_agreement_Taxonomy Exhibit No 6.doc

App9 Mediator Order_Taxonomy Exhibit.docx

App10Mediator Standards of Conduct_SCAO approved Feb 2013.pdf

App11 Sample Early Mediation Agreement_2013.docx

App12 SAMPLE MEDIATION AGREEMENT for the ADR Taxonomy.docx

App13 Sample Meet and Confer Provision for the Taxonomy.docx


ADR Committee Minutes / Agendas

Minutes - November 2014

Minutes - December 2014

Agenda - January 2014


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