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Wrongful Discharge / Termination

Wrongful Discharge or Wrongful Termination is an employee's right to sue his/her employer for damages (loss of wage and "fringe" benefits and if against "public policy," for punitive damages). The discharge must have been without cause in order for the employee to bring such a suit and the employee a) had an express contract of prolonged employment or there was an "implied" contract that was based on the situation surround his/her hiring or legitimate reasons to think that the employment was permanent, b) statutory prohibitions were violated against discrimination due to race, sexual preference, gender, or age, or c) the discharge was against "public policy" such as in retaliation for disclosing the employer's dishonest acts. If an employee thinks that he/she was wrongfully terminated, he/she may bring an action (file a suit) for damages for discharge and breach of contract, but the courts decisions have been stricter in limiting an employee's grounds for suit.